Featured Guide: Captain Rob Thompson

By James Hamilton | Friday, May 20

Stalking the flats of Eastern Long Island with Captain Rob Thompson

Captain Rob Thompson is a charter captain based out of Orient, NY on the North Fork of Long Island. He runs two boats, a 18' custom built flats skiff, and an 18' Parker for chasing albies and other trips that require the bigger rig. I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with him for some early season striper fishing before the boats went in to hang out and talk about what he loves about guiding and living out on Long Island. Enjoy!
JH: Eastern Long Island is a storied & diverse fishery, what's your favorite thing about it? 
RT: I love that it keeps changing. This keeps me on my toes. I have seen many things come and go from false spawning bass in the shallows to cobia following a snagged bunker in long island sound. The environment is always evolving.
JH: When did you start guiding in the area?
RT: Well i went to college for Aquaculture & Aquatic Science and during the summers i was the fishing instructor at North Fork Camp. I recieved my New York State Guides License in 2000 then Captains License in 2002. Along the way I became a certified Honda outboard mechanic. What better than knowing your boat inside and out.
JH: Funniest moment while out with a client? 
RT:  Funniest moment! There are so many. I love having a good time out on the water. This past year a friend of mine Rick came with a new pair of sneakers and they were not cheap. We hit this school of Bluefish that went on forever and lost track of how many we caught. When the commotion finally wore off the boat was covered in peanut bunker bits and scales all over. Then this scream came from the back of the boat. "My shoes, my shoes" they were covered in everything a Bluefish could chuck up. He started to cry I think. We laughed so hard. Even a year late when I see him we yell "my shoes" that head turns around so fast. He knows and so do I!
JH: Do you ever swing down to the South Fork to pick up clients?
RT: I do pick up clients on the South Fork. They just need to watch where they park if a town permit is required. I always try my best to accommodate my friends.
So there you have it, Rob is one of our many bad ass guides that operates on the eastern end of Long Island, and if you're looking to chase Stripers, Blues, or Albies on fly or light tackle this season he's your guy. Check out Rob's GuideHire profile here.
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