10 Tips To Handle Fish Like A Pro

By Jared Zissu | Friday, May 27

The Secrets To Handling Fish The Right Way. . .

It’s Memorial Day weekend, a day that began as a way to commemorate the dead of the Civil War, is now nearly synonymous with the start of summer. The start of summer means that the fishing will be picking up, it also means that temperatures will only be getting hotter! Here is an awesome info-graphic brought to you by the US Forest Service outlining healthy catch and release techniques. We also wanted to list a few of our favorites to keep in mind when you are handling fish this summer. 

1. Use Barbless Hooks

2. Wet Your Hands Before Handling The Fish

3. Use A Net To Land The Fish (Rubber Over Nylon)

4. Release The Fish Upstream Into The Current

5. Wait For The Fish to Catch Its Breath 

6. Limit Your Time Fighting The Fish

7. Limit Your Time Handling The Fish

8. Don’t Fish When Temperatures Are Too High

9. If You Need To. . . Take Pictures Of The Fish In The Water #KeepEmWet

10. If You NEED To Take The Fish Out Of The Water. . . Hold Your Breath, When You Need Air The Fish Will Also 

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