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By James Hamilton | Thursday, June 2

Q&A with Captain Faxon Michaud out of Marblehead, MA.

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Captain Faxon Michaud is one of the younger charter Captains on the GuideHire platform, but he makes up for it with a wealth of experience. Faxon grew up on the Water in Marblehead, and worked on a number of boats before starting Titan Guide Service a couple of years ago during his summer break from UVM. Now a graduate, and full time charter captain, Faxon is excited to share what he loves about the fishery with new clients. We had a chance to sit down with Faxon the other week to talk about what he loves to do, read below and enjoy! 

JH: Where are you from, and when did you start fishing?

FM: I was born and raised in Marblehead, MA where I grew up on the water. My dad made the mistake of giving me the keys to his 13-foot whaler and from then on it was all over. At the age of 9 I started taking an interest in fishing but didn’t truly pursue the passion until I was about 15.

JH: What's your favorite thing about running charters out of Marblehead?

FM: The best part about running charters out of Marblehead is definitely the access to such phenomenal fishing. There is world-class striper fishing all throughout Salem Sound and don’t forget that Stellwagen Bank (world class Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing grounds) is only a short 15 miles from Marblehead bell. Many people don’t think about what MA waters have to offer which leaves it to be one of the most underrated fishing destinations in my opinion.

JH: Favorite Off-Season Activity?

FM: My favorite off-season activity is most definitely skiing. It is probably my only interest that can even come close to fishing.

JH: You'll have to get out with some of our backcountry guides next winter... (Shameless plug) What's your beverage of choice after a long rewarding day on the water?

FM: After a long day on the water my favorite beverage is definitely a Gatorade…only kidding. I’d have to say I’m not too picky after a full day, just a cold beer and some clean clothes. And yes all beer is good just like whatever fish is bending the rod on the other end!

So there you have it, Titan Guide Service is run by a stand up guy named Faxon who wants nothing more than to get you on some fish and show you a good time. Whether you're going for trophy sized stripers, or Blue Fin Tuna, be sure to check out his GuideHire page here, and if you're in Boston ask about downtown pickups. 

For more information about Striped Bass Fishing visit our friends at Stripers Forever. #MakeItAGameFish



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