Is This Brand The Bonobos of Work Wear?

By GuideHire | Monday, June 20

Here's why Patrol USA's Kickstarter campaign is worth your time and support

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Brothers Austin and Howard Foote launched their clothing company Patrol USA last fall and the response was emphatic - people LOVED their pants. Patrol sold out of it's first line within a matter of months, and since then the brothers have been gathering feedback from customers, product testing, and skiing a lot. The company, which uses a unique blend of study canvas (ala Carharrt) and spandex (ala Underarmour) has developed one of the best all around pairs of pants money can buy. From the backcountry to the bar, these pants will keep you comfortable while looking pretty damn good. We can't wait to see how the company has improved upon a product that we're already big fans of.

Patrol is ready to start production on their next run of pants, but they need a little help from the community to get to production. Whether you bought a pair last fall and you need to add to your collection or you missed out and have been waiting for the opportunity to get a pair, now's your chance. Participate in Patrol's Kickstarter campaign here, and check out the new additions to the 2016 line. 


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