GuideHire and the Sportsmen's Access Coalition

By James Hamilton | Monday, June 27

Sportsmen's Access: Protecting & Preserving our Nation's Public Lands.




Today I am honored and super stoked to announce GuideHire's partnership with the Sportsmen's Access Coalition. Sportsmen's Access is an action group formed by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership with the goal of keeping our national parks in the hands of the Federal Government. So, why is this important? Well, legislation has already been passed to enable the sale of millions of acres in 9 Western states by the federal government to individual state governments. You might think to yourself: what's the real difference between the fed owning the land and the state owning the land? The answer is this: this land is expensive to own, most states would have to increase taxes substantially to keep the parks up to their current standards, unfortunately this means that the land could end up being sold once more to private owners (e.g. no access what so ever.) The issue does not lie solely in the risk of private sale, state owned parks often provide far less free reign and access in public lands (i.e. no camping, no hunting, no fishing, etc.) 

The Outdoor Recreation industry generates over $640 Billion annually in consumer spending in the United States, the majority of which relies on access to these very lands. Can our economy really stand to take such a hit to our third largest sector in consumer spending

Rather than ramble on about this issue here's what I'll do, I'll provide you with some further reading from our more eloquent friends at Outside Online, along with a link to the Sportsmen's Access website where you can sign a petition to help stop this fire sale. Please go sign the petition today, millions of jobs, smiles, and lasting memories depend upon the preservation of these parks. It is our duty as Americans to be stewards of our beautiful unspoiled lands. 

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