"The Orvis Way" with Hank Patterson

By The Jaded Fly Bro | Monday, July 11

Jaded Fly Bro loves Hank Patterson, my dude.



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Finally, someone who wants to teach all of you beginners how to mend your nymph rig off of the river. I swear to Lefty, if I see one more guide out with a "client" whose obsession with Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It has lead them to my honey hole during a f^&*ng mayfly hatch, slapping their indicator around like it's the coolest thing they've seen since Pokemon GO, I am going to lose it. We all know the guide would rather be slaying piggies on dries with me, but instead he's teaching you knuckle-heads how to mend... Well, those days are gone. With Hank Patterson's The Orvis Way we can finally keep beginners where they belong, at home in front of their TVs where the Cheeto hatch never ends.


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