Summer Tour Tees Are Here!

By GuideHire's Swag Department | Tuesday, July 12

Our new favorite t shirt is about to be your favorite new t shirt...

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For those of you unfamiliar with Jonas Claesson, he is an artist worth following. His playful anthropomorphization of animals playing the various sports and activities that we humans love is brilliant, and it has managed to grow quite a buzz. The Swede currently resides in Australia and his work ranges from surfing bears to camping moose, coastal scenes to mountain vistas. We collaborated with Jonas on our new "Summer Tour" tee shirt, which depicts a dog roasting marshmallows over a campfire with his surf, fly fishing, canoeing, and ski touring gear strewn about the campsite. Jonas's playful design and keen attention to detail makes this a unique shirt, and his hand-drawn version of our logo on the front breast ties it all together. We printed the shirts right here in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston at NE Designs where we were able to watch the screen printing process in action. The shirt is available in heather-soft comfort colors Salmon and Seafoam, and we look forward to seeing you folks rocking them and spreading the spirit of adventure this summer and for years to come. You can buy the shirt in our online store here

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