How To Tie A Foam Beetle

By Fly Tying Tutorials | Tuesday, July 12

Tightlinevideos super simple instructional video for tying a great mid-summer fly.

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This foam beetle fools trout in the same way the Mcdonald's lobster roll manipulates us here at GuideHire; its' deceivingly delicious appearance tricks us into thinking it's a 100% real meat. Lucky for you, Tightlinevideos has you covered with a super simple instructional video for tying this beautiful foam beetle on their YouTube channel. Terrestrials are great flies to toss around in the mid-summer period when the water warms up and the trout are seeking shaded areas under overhanging trees. This fly does an excellent job at mimicking a beetle that has fallen from a tree right into the trout's feeding ground. If all else fails, try tying a small nymph as a dropper to the foam beetle that also acts as your strike indicator. This rig works wonders for catching stubborn trout that are hanging out in deeper holes during the hot summer months. We hope you'll find this video as helpful as we did, and good luck tying!

For our fellow beginner tiers out there, be sure to check out Postfly's Fly Tying Box, and our friends over at Flymen Fishing Co. for specialty hackle and other goodies.

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