Mysteries Uncovered: Sea-Run Brook Trout

By GuideHire | Friday, July 15

Chasing Salters, or Ghost?

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Fishing for Sea run Brook Trout from GuideHire on Vimeo.

Sea-run brook trout, America's first prized sport fish back in the 1800's. Some say there are still a handful of "salters" hanging on for survival. Others simply question the current existence of these legends in central New England. So, are we chasing salters, or Ghost? Myth or not, James and Alex here at GuideHire stepped up to the challenge last Wednesday, barely avoiding the skunk. What makes these trout so tough to catch? Well, despite environmental factors that affect all species of trout, sea-run brook trout are known to be nibblers, an evolutionary trait that definitely played in the fishes favor on James and Alex's search for salters. Although some say that GuideHire's new summer tour t-shirts gave them that competitive edge for "success", yet others don't believe in superstition. What we do know for sure is that the conservation organization, Trout Unlimited, has played a huge role in restoring the population of these sea-run brook trout through countless conservation projects across the nation. We at GuideHire strongly encourage all you outdoor fanatics to join your local Trout Unlimited chapter to help bring back the trout fished by the real legends, AKA, our great grandfathers. As for now, sit back, relax and enjoy the video. 

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