How To Tie A Elk Hair Caddis

By Fly Tying Tutorials | Friday, July 22

Essential fly tying tutorial for all fly fishermen!

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If you just started tying your own flies then this tightlinevideos tutorial is perfect for you! Fly tying material can get pretty expensive and that's why we at GuideHire recommend starting out with a few key flies to build up your inventory. The elk hair caddis is one of the most abundant flies in trout rivers nationwide and that every fly fisherman should have. Although this elk hair caddis is dynamite all year round, we recommend tossing a smaller size at dusk if you're fishing during the late summer peroid. If you want to get a little crafty out there then GuideHire encourages tying an emerging caddis pattern as a dropper to maximize the chances of reeling in some dinner (or just a quick grip, grin, and release). Now let's start tying!

For our fellow beginner tiers out there, be sure to check out Postfly's Fly Tying Box, and our friends over at Flymen Fishing Co. for specialty hackle and other goodies. 

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