How To Tie An Allison Streamer

By Fly Tying Tutorials | Monday, July 25

Tightlinevideos instructional video for tying the best looking fly!

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Already looking for a new fly to tie? Tightlinevideos has you covered with the Allison Streamer, which has to be the best looking fly out there! Almost too good looking to the point where we at GuideHire feel bad letting the fish have their way with it. Although, they are worth the time spent tying because not only do they resemble the artificial intelligent machines in the movie The Matrix, they are also just as killer in the water for reeling in salmon and trout. Matrix references aside, the Allison Streamer was originally created by fly fisherman, Mike Appello, who merged both Gartside's soft hackle streamer and Abramer's flatwing saltwater fly to create what some consider to be "the one" (alright I promise that's the last matrix reference). We at GuideHire always try and give our readers an extra tip to add to the chances of capturing that shameless selfie with the fish, which for many fly fisherman is essential for gaining those instagram followers. So, GuideHire recommends adding junglecock eyes to the allison streamer to taunt those lazy salmon into striking the fly head on instead of letting them get a free nibble at the long tail hackles. Ready, set, Tie! 

For our fellow beginner tiers out there, be sure to check out Postfly's Fly Tying Box, and our friends over at Flymen Fishing Co. for specialty hackle and other goodies. 



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