BadFish.TV: Kamchatka Steelhead Project

By Valerian Planche | Tuesday, July 26

In Mother Russia, Wild Steelhead tie their own flies...

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Here at GuideHire we can always count on Badfish.TV to provide us with a weekly glimpse into the world of flyfishing across the globe. For this week's video YETI presents you with their short film, Kamchatka Steelhead Project, which opens up with a desciption of the sport of flyfishing in the most russian way possible. This film features american anglers that team up with russian scientist, Dr. Kuzishchin, to catch and release endangered wild Steelhead for the purpose of science. Throughout the video you get a pretty good sense that fly fishing for scientific research in Russia seems way less chill than it would be in America. On a different note, was I the only one that was waiting for Vladimir Putin to come trotting across the field on a bear trying to get in on the Steelhead action? I wouldn't have been surprised because rumors has it that Putin books his flyfishing trips through GuideHire. 




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