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By James Hamilton | Thursday, May 14

Our new series tells a story one brand at a time. Here's a look at the first batch.

It's no secret why we started GuideHire - Macgill and I love the outdoors. Not only do we love getting outside, but we love every aspect of leading an active outdoors lifestyle. One unavoidable aspect of said lifestyle is the gear. Some people obsess over their gear, while others look at it as nothing more than a means to an end. While we tend to fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum there are a few companies that really get us going. We are fortunate enough to have close relationships with a number of gear purveyors and manufacturers - across a number of activities. This is extremely valuable to us as a startup, and we just wanted to take this as a quick opportunity to highlgiht some of the great folks we have the pleasure of brainstorming and collaborating with. In the coming weeks we will be doing individual write ups and Q&As with each one of these brands, and we are always looking to meet outdoors companies with cool stories!

Postfly is our closest connection to the retail side of the industry. I mean that quite literally, as we sit about 10 feet away from founder, Brian Runnals, in our shared workspace in Fort Point. Postfly is an awesome subscription based company that sends out a curated box of flies and other awesome flyfishing gear once a month. Brian has been extremely valuable as someone with a wealth of knowledge on the retail side of the outdoors industry - plus we don't mind having the highest quality flies available to us at a moment's notice. (Below: Brian and James.)

Cheeky is a manufacturer and purveyor of fine fly fishing products. Their anchor product line is reels, but since the company was founded back in 2009 they have expanded into a number of other fishing products. We like to take advantage of both their high performance reels, as well as their experience and accumen in the outdoor industry as much as possible. (Below: Ted, Grant, James, Macgill, and Bernie.)

Grizzly Boards makes handcrafted custom skis in Aspen. The Grizzly Boards team, Graham and Joanie, are equal parts entrepreneurial inspiration and ski buddies for us. Seeing this company grow and develop in front of our own eyes has been an awesome experience, and we can't wait to share their story with you. (Below: Graham.)

District Surfboards is an upstart surfboard maker on Nantucket Island. Proprietor and craftsman, Nate Horne, is one of our oldest childhood friends and he is on to something big out on the island. He makes truly eco-friendly boards by utilizing recycled foam and chemical-free resins. The story of District is in its first chapter, and we couldn't be more excited for what's to come. (Below: Nate.)

Tora Surfboards is the inspiration for this series. Our Q&A with owner, Neil Tora, recieved such a great response that we decided to go out and replicate it with the companies above. Cheers to Tora, and Patty McGinnis for making the intro! The Tora Q&A can be found here. (Below: Neil)

We're really looking forward to profiling all of these awesome brands, as well as making new friends in the outdoor industry every day. As always feel free to reach out to us directly via email at info@GuideHire.co or @Guide_Hire on social media!

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