How To Tie The Kintner Boy

By Fly Tying Turtorials | Monday, August 8

Scratch that fly fishing itch with this bass pattern.

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Here at GuideHire, taking a break from fly fishing is something we just don't understand. Since we do strongly believe that fishing trout in these warm waters can potentially be harmful to their health, we turn to bass to scratch that freshwater fly fishing itch. Tightlinevideos presents this interesting grasshopper looking pattern that is sure to receive lots of attention from hungry bass and panfish. This pattern worked incredibly well for us out in vermont yesterday, catching several bass of all sizes. A big plus to this pattern is that its shape and size prevents smaller bass from swallowing it, making unhooking the fish a breeze. We hope you find this fly tying tutorial as helpful as we did. Good luck tying!

For our fellow beginner tiers out there, be sure to check out Postfly's Fly Tying Box, and our friends over at Flymen Fishing Co. for specialty hackle and other goodies. 

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