How To Use A Tippet Ring.

By Fly Tying Tutorials | Monday, August 15

Put a ring on it.



We at GuideHire don't discriminate against any fly fishing techniques. Rather, we share information that we find helpful and believe others could learn from. Tightlinevideos not only has you covered with tying tutorials, but they also make incredible fly fishing tip videos that are all worth checking out. This one might be very simple and general knowledge but it may be a very useful tip for fly anglers of all skill levels, especially if you're on a budget and don't like spending extra cash on new leaders. Even if you don't like this tip, we believe the video is worth watching just for the hilarious and creative presentation made by tightlinevideos Enjoy!

For our fellow beginner tiers out there, be sure to check out Postfly's Fly Tying Box, and our friends over at Flymen Fishing Co. for specialty hackle and other goodies


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