Badfish.TV: Silver Kings Season 3 Trailer

By Valerian Planche | Tuesday, August 16

The anticipation is real for this one...

Silver Kings Season 3 Trailer from Brine Media on Vimeo.

GuideHire bringing you yet another Badfish.TV pick of the week. Captains Bou Bosso and Jared Raskob down the Florida Keys have filmed yet another Silver Kings season that is action packed with tarpon fly fishing footage (Not sure which is more epic, the footage or the name Bou Bosso). The only downfall to trailers is the fact that you have to wait until January of 2017 to enjoy this footage, making this a pretty big tease. Lucky for you, season 1 and 2 can both be watched on Silver King's Website in anticipations for the launch of the new epic season. Even if you have already watched both seasons, rewatching them is never a bad idea because let's face it, there is no such thing as watching too much fly fishing footage. We apologize if you get caught watching these seasons at work but just remember, your boss is probably doing the same. Enjoy!

If you havn't already seen Yeti's epic film, Cosmo, make sure to check it out here!

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