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By James Hamilton | Tuesday, June 2

"Our Friends Who Make Stuff" Q&A with Postfly Founder, Brian Runnals.

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Postfly is the original monthly subscription box for fly fishing. The company is currently our closest connection to the retail side of the industry. I mean that quite literally, as we sit about 10 feet away from founder, Brian Runnals, at Basecamp. Postfly is an awesome subscription based company that sends out a curated box of flies and other awesome flyfishing gear once a month. Brian has been extremely valuable as someone with a wealth of knowledge on the retail side of the outdoors industry - plus we don't mind having the highest quality flies available to us at a moment's notice. 

Brian has been running Postfly since December of 2013, and the company is doing awesome things in the outdoor industry. We sat down for a quick Q&A and discussed everything from the growth of the fishing industry to interacting with consumers, and the changing face of the modern flyfisherman & woman. 

GH: We’re finding that the Fly-fishing industry is a pretty awesome community to be a part of - tell us about getting into it and what you’ve enjoyed most about the industry.

BR: The people are great but my favorite part has been learning more and more every day, and watching the industry grow quickly. It’s really exciting to be in an industry that more and more young people are excited about getting involved in. We’re seeing fly fishing move away from the “grandpa sport” identity that it’s had in the past.

GH: Do you get personal notes from satisfied customers? What’s your favorite one so far?

BR: We get a lot of notes through Facebook - fans telling us how much they love getting one of our boxes every month. Just the other day we got a great note from a Satisfied father “Hi, just want to tell you my daughter gave me a subscription last year for Father's Day. Hope I get another one this year. I love your flies. Good quality and the fish love them." (Editor's Note: Consider this a not-so-subtle hint on what to get Dad this year)


GH: Going off of that - what has been your most engaged way of interacting with customers?

BR: It’s cool to see how engaged people get with social media - instagram, twitter, etc. I love it when people post unboxing photos of all of the gear that came in their box. I also love it when customers post photos of fish that they catch and hashtag #postflybox - it's awesome to see that we've built a brand people want to actively associate themselves and their passions with. 

GH: What does the next year look like for Postfly? Any clues on what direction the company is heading in? 

BR: There’s so much, where do I start? We’re going to be building the team - both at the office, and in the field. We’re going to be working with guides more directly. The boxes themselves are changing, both in content and packaging. And most importantly we are partnering with other brands in the industry that share our goal of growing this awesome sport. The future is bright. 

So there you have it. Our friend, nieghbor, confidant, and fishing buddy Brian is doing big things with Postfly. To learn more, and subsribe for a box click here - tell them GuideHire sent you!

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