Homemade Tying Vise: Part One

By Valerian Planche | Thursday, August 25

Traditional vise: $50. GuideHire homemade vise: priceless

We at GuideHire love challenges, especially ones that involves building fly fishing accesories. As many of you may know, last week we challenged ourselves by making a DIY spool tenders which worked out super well. This week, we wanted to step it up by attempting to build a homemade tying vise without the help from an instructional video. There are a few DIY tying vises on the internet but they are all super simple and traditional in their features and styling. For this reason, we set certain guidelines we thought were necessary in order to make this vise both functional and unique. For starters, we wanted it to be made mostly from materials we already owned, without any welding needed. Second, and most challenging, it had to be a rotary vise. Lastly, it was important that it could easily be dissemble in order to conveniently bring it on fishing trips. Without further interruption, we are proud to present the first and only GuideHire homemade tying vise.
Make sure to stay on the lookout for part two of GuideHire's homemade tying vise where we will break down how we built it and a complete list of the materials used! So far, the vise has been performing flawlessly. We hope you enjoyed staring at what we consider a piece of art. It sure was a challenge but it was a blast building it!

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