Featured Guide: Stream and Brook Fly Fishing

By James Hamilton | Thursday, June 4

Q&A with Brian Cadoret, co-owner and guide at Vermont's Stream and Brook Fly Fishing.

Macgill and I recently had the pleasure of spending a full day fishing with Brian Cadoret up around Middlebury, VT. Brian is the co-owner of Stream and Brook Fly Fishing, which provides fishing all around the Green Mountain State with a roster of eight guides. Stream and Brook has been around for a little over ten years and is a great outfitter for anyone looking to target the wide variety of species living in the various fisheries of Vermont. 

Upon arriving in Middlebury we all grabbed a few beers at Two Brother's Tavern and then hit the sheets at the Inn on the Green to rest up for a big day ahead of us. Wake up was at 4:45AM, we then proceeded to pile into the 4runner to hit our first spot - targeting Champlain run Steelhead and Small Mouth Bass. We spent a good 8 hours chasing these fish and absolutely slayed the bass, although the elusive Steelhead managed to escape us. It was an unreal morning. From there we hit a few of Brian's favorite spots to target Northern Pike. Throwing big streamers at Pike is a great time, and we were loving it despite the lack of bites... until wham! A nice 30+ inch Pike slammed my streamer and the fight was on. We finally landed the prehistoric looking beast and sent him back to swim another day. All in all, we had fished for about 15 hours and had a blast doing it. Afterwards, we sat down with Brian to talk about fishing, and growing up around Middlebury. 

GH: What's your first fishing memory?

BC: Growing up in VT it was a lot of fishing small ponds for Bullhead, Perch, Pike and Bass using live bait or lures. Also fishing while camping with family at spots on Lake Dunmore, Lake Champlain (Button Bay), Lake Hortonia and other VT State Parks.  Earliest fly fishing memories are dry fly Brookies in a Small branch of the Tweed River which flows into the White River. My Uncle who was a Game Warden and his family had a camp we went to a lot as youngsters.

GH: Tell us about growing up and living in Middlebury - maybe the most beautiful place in Vermont as far as we can tell. 

BC: Middlebury is close to incredibly diverse fishing opportunities. Within a 30 mile radius you could be targeting wild Brookies in a 4 different rivers. Lower down those rivers support Rainbows and Browns. Some of them reach trophy size and over two feet.  You have the Otter teaming with Pike, Bass, Trout and Fallfish. Lake Champlain has everything. Steelhead, LL Salmon, Lake Trout, Pike, Bass, Musky, Gar, Bowfin, Carp, Sheephead and Walleye to name a few. If you want to canoe or kayak fish small Bass/Pike or Trout ponds we have several close by as well.

The town it self is very nice. Great food and shops with plenty of places to stay. You guys got to sample that. Staying right in town at the Inn On The Green. Walking over to get Wings and Beer during a NY Rangers game at Two Brothers Tavern. Bagel Eggers at the Midd Bakery at 5:30 am. Huge sandwiches from Noonies Deli for lunch. Plus we never drove more than 30 minutes from Middlebury when we caught any of our Smallmouth Bass or Pike.

GH: What's your favorite species to target?

BC: For sure Pike but Steelhead and Trophy Browns are a close second. Stripers are up there as well. I love fishing for fish that crush big streamers.

GH: Favorite non fishing activity?

BC: Hanging with family, friends, snowboarding and live music.

GH: Funniest thing to happen on the river with a client?

BC: Those times your giving instruction and at that exact moment a fish hits. It always cracks me up. Like when your having someone swing a streamer and at the end of the swing you're telling them as it comes off the bottom is when they often hit... and wham. They are hooked up. Also whenever a Pike tries to eat a clients fly as they pull it out of the water to recast. I always telling folks finish your cast and really watch around your fly in case a Pike is lurking behind it. I have had clients jump back when a 36" Pike almost beached itself looking for the fly. We got splashed. Less that 30 seconds before I told him that happens sometimes.

So there you have it - Stream and Brook is a great outfitter with guides all over the beautiful state of Vermont. Brian Cadoret is a master of landing big fish on streamers, and MIddlebury is one of our favorite towns in the world. Learn more and book Stream and Brook through their GuideHire page here.

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