Ghost Waters SC

By GuideHire | Thursday, September 29

Some of the craziest skinny water redfish footage you will ever see...

@GhostWaterSC from Ryan Rodgers on Vimeo.

From time to time we like to dive down the rabbit hole that is and spend a few hours marvelling at some of the high quality fish porn that people all over the world are puttting out these days. For those of you who would rather not spend several hours in front of a screen, we like to showcase the platform's best content. This video comes to us from a couple of fellow competitors in last weekend's Tailer's Cup, Ryan Rodgers and Jeremiah ClarkThese two guys definitely know their way around the Low Country waters, and this video proves that they know where and how to find those belly-crawling swamp donkeys that every redfisherman dreams of. Enjoy!

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