Backcountry Hut System in Vermont?

By Peter Conti | Monday, October 3

A GuideHire guide is bringing hut traverses to the Northeast...

Americans are always emulating European ski culture, from telemarking to the infamous neon onesies (they’ll make a comeback, I swear). But the best thing by far is the culture of alpine hut traverses that made it’s way from the Alps to western North America. There are already well established hut traverses in the San Juans of Colorado, in Sun Valley Idaho, and the Canadian Rockies, but nothing in the Northeast.


Working to remedy that is the Vermont Huts association, with directors Devin Littlefield and RJ Thompson working to connect the existing hut infrastructure in the pristine Green Mountains. If their idea takes hold, we could be riding the nearly 900 miles of the best backcountry trails the northeastern U.S has to offer.


Check out the Vermont Huts Association website here


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