Why Every Guide, Outfitter, and Outdoor Instructor Should be on GuideHire

By James Hamilton | Tuesday, July 28

10 Reasons why you should sign your business up for GuideHire today.

  1. It’s Free!

GuideHire is a free marketing tool. There are no sign up costs or recurring fees. We’ve built GuideHire to help guides, outfitters, instructors, and other outdoor professionals grow their businesses. Think of your GuideHire page as a totally free, totally customizable, website for your business.

  1. You will actually save money.

Stop pouring money into Google. GuideHire was built to help the best in the game reach a wide audience without spending their hard earned dollars on marketing & web presence. (let us do that for you)

  1. It takes 10 minutes to make a page.

10 minutes at most - do it here - Be one of our founding team members and help us build GuideHire into the tool you want and need it to be.


  1. Reach New Clients.

GuideHire is here to help your business reach new clients that wouldn’t or couldn’t find you otherwise.

  1. Be a Featured Guide.

         We’ll come take a bunch of great photos & write about your business. Plus we'll feature you on the homepage.

  1. Outside Magazine thinks we're on to something.

         So that's exciting. Read about GuideHire in Outside Online here

  1. You’ll be in good company.

We’re in the business of working with professionals with proven track records. See Abaco Lodge, Karen Lynn Charters, Sea Bright Surf Camp, Nantucket Surfari, Brown Trout Fly Fishing, and feel free to poke through the site for more examples!

  1. Reviews.

One location online for all of your satisfied clients to write glowing reviews of your service.

9. Less time in here.

10. More time out there.


So, there you have it - GuideHire is the free and simple way to reach more clients & interact with other guides and outfitters online. Become one of our founding members and help us grow GuideHire into the marketing tool that the outdoor industry needs. To list your business click here.


Wishing you tight lines, kind seas, happy hunting, endless pow days, and anything else that gets you out!

James & Macgill


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