Paid Uphill Access Is a Good Thing

By GuideHire | Tuesday, October 18

Paid uphill access should lead to a bigger backcountry following


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Photo courtesy of Irwin Guides, Crested Butte


Here’s a take: ski resorts charging for uphill access is a good thing. With the increasing popularity of skiers wanting to buy a pair of skins and earn their way up the mountain, many resorts are deciding to capitalize on the trend and will be charging for the privilege to not take a lift. Eldora Mountain, a resort on the front range of the Rockies is charging $149 for an uphill access season pass, or only 99$ for those who already have a season pass.


But wait, why is this a good thing? For one, it helps legitimize those who are skiing uphill. Uphill skiers are paying , and have the same amount or rights to be there as any person riding the lifts. And more importantly, it encourages people to search for other options, like avoiding the resorts altogether and searching for guide services and better equipment that give you way more bang for your buck. Why pay to ski uphill only to be rewarded with corduroy, when you can earn some waist-deep powder instead?

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