6 Books You Should Check Out This Fall

By Alex Shukis | Thursday, October 20

Guidehire's Fall Reading List, a healthy mix of some old and new books to checkout this fall

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Although its hard to beat chasing fish on the ocean, warm summer days at the beach with long endless hours of sunlight. Fall, and the changing of the season brings to us some cooler weather.  With a change in seasons we have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors a little differnently and enjoy activities such as a nice hikes through amazing foilage filled forrests, chilly days on the river chasing hungry fish, and cold days surfing the fall swell.  We here at Guidehire enjoy ending the day with a nice blazing fire and a great book ( a cold beer doesn't hurt either).  Heres our picks for Fall reading, some old, some new and hopefully you'll enjoy them all:


1. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life - William Finnegan

From the back cover, "Barbarian Days is William Finnegan's memoir of an obsession, a complex enchancement. Surfing only looks like a sport.  To intiates it is something else: a beautiful addiction, a demanding course of study, a morally dangerous pastime, a way of life."  A New York Times best seller this book is not to be missed, especially with summer and the beach still on the mind.  Word also has it that it is one of our President's favorite books of all time...Pick up yours here.


2. Trout Bum - John Gierach

Trout Bum is a must read for any avid fly fisherman or woman.  Ranging from funny anecdotes & philosophies to old tales from the river Gierach really captures the spirit of what the awesome sport of fly fishing is all about.  Author of numerous books on fly fishing and life, one might call Gierach the Fly Fisher Philosopher...Learn about the Trout Bum Lifestyle and grab your copy here.

3. Tracking The Wild Coomba: The Life of Legendary Doug Coombs - Robert Cocuzzo

We have mentioned Tracking The Wild Coomba here on the blog before, but I felt it was worth another shoutout, especially since winter is coming. I was lucky enough to attend a presentation on the writing and work behind the book given by Rob at the Nantucket Whaling Museum and let me tell you the amount of passion that was put into this book is next level.  Rob followed Doug Coombs ( a forefather in backcountry skiing) life journey to the pinnicle of extreme backcountry skiing, skiing the same lines, living in the same towns and meeting some of the most influential people in Dougs life.  It was a pleasure to hear about the making of the book, and the book itself is worth reading and telling your friends about.  So before the skiing season really kicks off pickup a copy of Rob's book here.


4. Double Whammy - Carl Hiaasen 

Alright, I know everyone doesn't like the changing of the weather and the cold air so trips down south and flights become a more frequent occurance during the Fall and winter monthes. With my recent trip down to Charleston an Jacksonville to see 3 amazing Phish shows, the south as well as tournament bass fishing were on my mind.  Double Whammy by mystery thriller genius Carl Hiaasen takes readers into Florida into a tale surrounding murder, a largemouth bass fishing tournament and corruption.  With dark humor and great characters this book makes for a great beach or flight read...Get yours here.


5. Cabin Porn: Inspirations for Your Quite Place Somewhere

Get this book.  It is awesome. The name kind of speaks for itself, but filled within this coffee table book are tons of spectacular images of some of the most remote and out of the way cabins in the world.  I heard if you look hard enough you can even find the 'Shire in Bag End ; ) Pickup your Cabin Smut here.

6. Ocean Fishes - James Prosek 

And if you just cant wait to be back out there chasing big game in the deep blue, James Prosek's beautifully made Ocean Fishes might be able to cure your homesickness for the ocean.  With tons of amazing illustrations this book quite truly is a masterpiece.  Pickup your new coffee table book here.


So there you have it folks, my top chocies for Fall reads in 2016.  Dont forget our partner The Greatest Blaze & Co. for all your fire supplies.  I hope you enjoy and check out some of my suggestions! Sound off in the comments with some of your favorite outdoor reads!

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