Badfish.TV Picks of the Week: Fishing With Phish Edition

By Alex Shukis | Tuesday, October 25

This weeks Badfish.TV picks of the week are inspired by Phish's current rockin' fall tour.

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Our picks this week are influenced by my love of Phish and fishing.  Phish is currently crushing their fall tour and they've stoped in some pretty fishy locations.  We thought it would be a good way to share some video picks from different spots across the country.  We've paired up our favorite jam from each venue with a fishing video from that location, hope you enjoy yourselves...

Stop 1: Charleston, SC "The Lowcountry"

The first stop of Phish's fall tour was down in Charleston, SC.  The lowcountry is an amazing fishery for redfish so picking our favorite video from the many options was tough.  However  "This Is The Lowcountry" really captures what fishing in Charleston is all about.  So kick back and enjoy this epic short:


Produced/Edited by Ryan Griffin...Filmed by Ryan Griffin, Paul Puckett, Doug Roland

And the tasty jam from two nights of Phish at the North Charleston Collisuem is a night one, first set "Down With Diease" which segued into "Cities" a Talking Heads cover (Pretty epic stuff):

Phish "Down With Diease" 10/14/16.

Stop 2: Jacksonville, FL

Phish followed up two solid nights in Charleston with a Sunday show in Jacksonville, Florida.  On a stormy Sunday Phish executed yet another great show to finish up an amazing opening weekend down south.  Our Badfish.TV pick from Jacksonville, "Floodway" by Wesley Davis, like the show is full of highlights.  Epic drone shots, huge takes and some goregous fish in this video make it a must watch:

By Wesley Davis

A wise fan once said, never miss a Sunday show, and they were right, this one was awesome!  As for the show in my opinion the first set "Stash" was on point.  Watch the video below by Tom Knowles to check it out:


Phish "Stash" 10/16/16

Stop 3: Nashville, TN

Next stop for the band was two nights in Nashville and boy am I sad I missed these shows.  Night one featured a very special guests that fans of Phish have been waiting for for years, a sit in with the legend himself, Bob Weir.  But more on that later... The great state of Tenessesse provides some pretty killer brookie fishing as in seen in our Badfish.TV pick from TN.  Michael Cheser of "Natural Visions" created "Hunting Southern Brookies" and I think this video is rad, check it out below:

By Michael Cheser "Natural Visions"

Anyone who is a fan of Phish has most likely listened to the first night's show already. I believe this show has been the highlight of the fall tour so far.  With an amazing setlist, a very special guest and just overall great playing its hard to say anything bad about night one of Nashville and because of that our jam from both nights comes from the historic sit-in. Watch Phish get Weir'd and play "Samson & Deliah" with Bob Weir below:


By The Kamherst (YouTube) Phish & Bob Weir "Samson & Deliah" 10/18/16

Stop 4: Alpheretta, GA

After their two night run in "Music City, USA" Phish had another two big nights at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater in Alpheretta.  Georgia is home to some amazing trout fishing, and our pick, "The 5wt Chronicles: Georgia Brown" by Estrada Art Presents highlights just how big some of these fish can get, enjoy the video below and check out their other episodes of the 5wt chronicles:

By Estrada Art Presents

 A friend of mine who went to the Atlanta shows was pressed when asked to pick just one highlight, however for the purpose of the blog I finally got an answer from him and he said the "Simple" into "46 Days" into "Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley" back into "46 Days" was awesome.   Below is a recording from Sequoia240 (YouTube) in the pit of the "Simple" jam, watch & enjoy:

Phish "Simple" 10/22/16

Stop 5: Texas  

Dallas is the most recent tour stop and our last Badfish.TV pick, "Heart Of Texas, on the Fly".  This short features some really incredible largemouth bass on the fly and is a loaded 2 minutes of action.  Cooper Clark really captured some great footage of Central Texas, watch below:

And our pick from last nights show at the Verizon Theater at Grand Prarie was a wild and crazy first set "David Bowie" closer.   Since this show was last night videos have not gone up but heres a video of another epic 'Bowie, hope you enjoy:


Phish "David Bowie" - Live in Utica DVD from Phish on Vimeo.

So there you have it folks, five great videos from our friends at Badfish.TV accompanied by five current Phish jams. (Cover Shot: Relix)

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