7 Skiing Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

By James | Friday, November 18

These accounts will get you stoked for ski season...

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Well, the snow is finally starting to fall in some parts of the country, and skiers everywhere are chomping at the bit. Here are 7 instagram accounts to keep you stoked while you scroll...


1. @JerryOfTheDay

Skiing & snowboarding is about having fun. Sometimes "Stoke" doesn't come in the form of powder porn and impossible scenarios, sometimes it's just a clueless gaper wearing their skis into the lodge, and sometimes it's a naked double backflip in New Zealand...

 2. @TetonGravity

This is a special one for me, as one of my first jobs out of college was as a bouncer (read: lanky doorman) for a TGR premier in Jackson at The Moose. The crew from TGR never disappoint when it comes to the best and most original big mountain footage out there.

3. @ParlorSkis 

Ever wonder what it would be like to start a ski company with a couple of your best buddies? This account shows you exactly what it's like for a group of skiers in Boston. Not only is their Instagram entertaining, but their skis are 100% custom and 100% made in America. 

4. @CandideThovex 

The unadulterated G.O.A.T. Candide brings a level of style and creativity to skiing that may never be matched (Bonus: for similar antics follow @SanderHadley as well)


Chamonix jib

A video posted by Candide Thovex (@candidethovex) on

5. @ColterJH

I hate to be the one who breaks this to you, but you wish you had Colter's life... Please see below. 

6.  @SalomonFreeSki

An Instagram account from the people who brought you the best mini-series in skiing...

7.  @TatumMonod

Tatum has great taste in recreation: professional skier, talented angler, the list goes on. 

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