Rowing The Grand Canyon: Great Work... If You Can Get It

By James Hamilton | Wednesday, December 7

"It's definitely easier to get a PhD than it is to get a dory here on the Grand Canyon"

In Current from YETI Coolers on Vimeo.

John Shocklee is the boat master at OARS in the Grand Canyon. At 50, John has been running wooden dories through the canyon for the majority of his career, a gig that he claims might be "[harder to get than] a PhD." This is what Amber Shannon is up against, at 27 the Idaho native has been running river trips for as long as she could work, and is finally getting the opporunity to row a dory. Ultimately, the difference between running a rubber raft and running a wooden dory through the the canyon is the consequence of mishandling the boat. While rafts are engineered to effectively bounce off of obstacles, if a dory collides with a rock at the wrong angle the boat can literally shatter. This video, produced by YETI tells Amber's story while exhibiting her poise behind the oars.

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