The most important part of ski films : Music

By Squirrel Murphy | Sunday, December 11

The right soundtrack is what makes a good ski film great.

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There are a lot of awesome ski videos coming out these days, and something that (almost) every ski video has in common is a sweet soundtrack. From urban ski edits on newschoolers to the latest big ski movie from matchstick productions, music makes the movie. Nowadays we’re starting to see more of a separation in music choice depending on the venue, with backcountry edits featuring more earthy indie music and park edits shifting towards upbeat rock and rap music. There really isn’t a dominant type, as long as the song fits what’s happening. Any good ski movie or short worth it's money matches up their transitions to the beat of the soundtrack, turning an average edit into something worth experiencing.



There are also the ski movie staples of hits by The Heavy and other rock bands with upbeat sounds. (I recall hearing Kasabian’s “Fire” in more than a few ski films).



But there are infinite possibilities for awesome songs to use in ski films - what's your favorite?

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