Basecamp Boston

By James Hamilton | Tuesday, July 28

The workspace that has incubated three of Boston's most promising startups. Bringing technology and modern business models to the Outdoor Industry.

Long before the high-end condos, Class A office space, five star restaurants, and cocktail lounges, people referred to Fort Point as just another part of Southie. An industrial area comprised of old warehouses and vacant lots, the neighborhood saw a resurgence when creatives took to the convenient location and unrefined work spaces around the turn of the century. Since then real estate developers have moved in for the same reasons, creating beautiful condos and office space for well funded companies (hint: not us)

The last vestige of the old Fort Point can be found at 369 Congress street, a building in the center of the gentrification that has held on to its industrial roots. Currently home to Trillium Brewing, a dice manufacturer(who knew), and a myriad of obscure companies - the address also hosts one of the most innovative grass-roots collaborative work spaces in Boston, Basecamp. 

Basecamp is comprised of Postfly,, and of course, GuideHire. Our story is one of serendipity and persistence, the founders of the three companies were introduced in late 2014 through common interests and friends. Everyone knew the three companies could work together, but no one was ready to shell out the cash for any of the various shared workspaces throughout Boston and Cambridge. Brian Runnals, founder of Postfly, began the hunt for affordable mixed office and warehousing space in Metro Boston, which most real estate brokers will tell you is a total pipe dream. Enter: Roughly 3000 Square feet of open space on the 6th floor of the most run down building in all of Fort Point, Boston’s newly dubbed “innovation district.” The space was raw, but it was clean enough and had potential to house all three companies and Postfly’s inventory comfortably. 

Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity to create the Outdoor Industry focused work space we had all dreamed of. Since then, the development of Basecamp has been moving at the rapid pace set by all three of the current tenants. While all three companies are growing and have made recent additions to their teams, there is still space available, and applications can be sent to our fearless leader Brian ( and more details can be found here, on PivotDesk.

So, if you run a rad new startup in Boston, or if you just think you would get along with the crew and need a place to post up every day - drop us a line. By my calculations, it will run you less than your daily cost of admissions at Starbucks (coffee, muffin… another coffee) And you will have the opportunity to collaborate with three of the most forward thinking companies in the Outdoor Industry on a daily basis. Find the official listing on PivotDesk Here

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