Hypnotizing East Coast Stoke

By Squirrel Murphy | Wednesday, December 14

Sled accessed shredding in the Maine Backcountry? Yes please.

Somewhere in Maine | Backcountry Skiing from Taylor Walker on Vimeo.

Maybe it's the vibey track by Odesza, maybe it's the fact that this zone exists on the east coast (can you imagine these lines after a big dump?), maybe it's the bad ass skiing from Sean Mullins & Henry Bonneau, maybe it's the fact that they brrrapped their way out to the lines (yes, we have sled access in the east too), but whatever it is - of you're an East Coast skier there is a 100% chance that you watch this video several times in a row before exiting this screen. Trust me. Go ahead, try it. Still here? Thought so... Ultimately, this video may not be featured in the next Sherpa's cinema film, but next time your buddy who enrolled in CU Boulder 12 years ago and still hasn't graduated gives you sh*t for skiing the east, just send him this link. 

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