Monterey Bay Whales Eat Shark

By Johnny Utah | Wednesday, December 14

Breaking drone footage from California shows Killer Whales devouring a Shark...

Offshore Killer Whales Eating a Shark! 12/13/16

Offshore Killer Whales today! We encountered these infrequently sighted Killer Whales on the 9am trip aboard the SeaWolf II. This ecotype of Killer Whales often travels in large groups and were seen about this time last December. We saw about 25 individuals and we have footage of them feeding on a Sevengill Shark! These whales are typically smaller in size than the Bigg's or transient Killer Whale type and they had several very young calves with them! Great encounter! Video by Slater Moore Photography

Posted by Monterey Bay Whale Watch on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

This footage may very well be the first of it's kind. Yesterday, on Tuesday 13, 2016 Slater Moore captured this unbelievable feeding frenzy from his drone. If you think this isn't an anomaly, then go ahead and google "Whales Eat Shark"... nothing else will come up, I promise. Anyways, I'm all for the circle of life over here, go Whales! Sharks totally harsh my vibe anyways...  

In all seriousness though,

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