INDIAN PACIFIC 15: Epic Surfing Short

By Alex Shukis | Thursday, December 15

For those of you who are already a little tired of the winter chills...

INDIAN PACIFIC FIFTEEN from Tom Jennings on Vimeo.

As I sit behind a roaring fire, sipping a nice cold Winter Shredder from our friends at Cisco Brewery, I came across this awesome short "INDIAN PACIFIC 15" from Tom Jennings. The film documents a beautiful year surfing in the Indian Pacific Ocean throughout 2015 with shots of gorgeous locations and a hell of a roster of surfers (Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Taj Burrow to name a few.) and like most action sports edits IP15 is accompanied by a rad soundtrack.  So I hope those of you dreaming of warmer summer  days will enjoy this video.  And for those of you hyped about powder and the upcoming season in the mountains, here's a bonus trailer from Powder Magazine's new movie “Monumental: Skiing Our National Parks” a film  celebrating the 100th Anniversary of The National Park Service:

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