2 Minutes From 2 Days in Aspen

By Squirrel Murphy | Thursday, January 5

Ring In the New Year With More Early Season Stoke

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2 Mins from 2 Days in Aspen with Vital Films from Colter Hinchliffe on Vimeo.

Well, the "early season" is pretty subjective (I'm looking at YOU, northeast) , and it certainly hasn't stopped sweet powdery skiing content from appearing on the internet. Lets take a look this week at an edit from Colter Hinchliffe who rips some excellent lines around Aspen, Colorado. And speaking of Colorado, be careful out there! The majority of terrain in the rockies is at high avalanche risk due to the recent storm covering up some weak preexisting layers. So before you go trying to make an edit like this one, check the avalanche forecast and prepare yourself with an avalanche course from a local guide service.

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