A Fly Fisherman's New Years' Resolution

By Jim Dufresne | Wednesday, January 11

Our Friend Ben Carmichael Put It Best...

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New Years resolutions are easy to make but hard to keep.  Mine are usually right inline with what Ben Carmichael from New England on the Fly mentions at the start of his post. Less spending, which is hard when you pursue gear intensive hobbies such as fishing and skiing.  Less drinking, which is also hard, as ironically enough drinking can often be closely aligned with the two hobbies mentioned above. Not to mention I love good beer.
Ben has taken a different approach for his New Years resolutions; commit to doing something more.  Specifically more fishing, but we can take it further.  More skiing, more surfing, spending more time outside and appreciating the space around us are all good ways to resolve to do more in our lives.
For the fly fishermen amongst us, check out his blog post which suggests some really great resolutions that I’d like to keep this year: Six New Years Resolutions for Fly Fishermen
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