Badfish Quick Hits

By James Hamilton | Monday, November 2 A Quick Introduction For the Uninitiated.

My good friends Dylan, Galen, Marty, and Sean over at Badfish.TV are changing the way people watch fishing porn. They have developed a beautiful, simple platform that compliments that bad ass video footage that can be found on their site. So instead of giving you the whole shpiel, I'll leave you with a a screen shot, a few short films from Badfish, and the suggestion that you go sign up today.

Map-based search through fishing videos from all over the world. | Cape Cod Striped Bass Flats Fishing Teaser from Badfish on Vimeo. | Low Country Fly Fishing with Flood Tide Gang from Badfish on Vimeo.

Hint: watch Badfish at your desk - get inspired - book trips via GuideHire. It's that simple!

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