Team Profiles: Alex Shukis

By James Hamilton | Tuesday, November 10

An interview with our newest team member, Mr. Alex Shukis, Business Development intern extraordinaire.

As many of you know, the full time team here at GuideHire has been a one man operation as of late. I'm super happy to say that has changed thanks to our new business development intern, the cheery, hard working, Mr. Alexander Shukis. Alex and I work side by side every day and he has been making swift work of our guide lead lists. We sat down to do a little welcome to the team interview and introduce him to our readers, enjoy!

JH: First of all, I just want to reiterate to the readers how stoked I am to have you on the team here at GuideHire. You've already been a huge help on the business development/lead generation side of things and I'm excited to see you continue growing into the role. What excites you most about working at GuideHire?

AS: What really excites me most about joining the team is that I know it will help me get back out into nature and the outdoors; which is something I have really been trying to get back into as of late.  It has also been a great introduction into the tech-startup world, which is an industry that really excites me.  Overall just pumped to join a young, positive and great team with such an awesome passion for the outdoors.

JH: This internship is your introduction to business development in this context. Can you tell everyone about your prior work experience and maybe some aspects of that you will be bringing along to the team here?

AS: Having been fortunate enough to call Nantucket home for all of my summers growing up I have held a variety of positions from bussing tables to painting houses to working at Bartlett’s Farm.  Most recently I had been working for a really cool experiential social marketing company called TownPool.  Working for Sean and Luke was a great learning experience in the power of digital marketing, and I hope I can bring some of that knowledge and experience to GuideHire.

JH: Awesome, and lastly - why don't you introduce yourself to the readers who don't know you already. What do you like to get up to outside of work?

AS: Outside of work I really enjoy listening to music and going to live music events.  From Phish to The Revivalists to Greensky Bluegrass and everything in between, if it’s a live show with great music, I most likely will have tried to make it.  Traveling, reading, photography, digital media and design are all some of my interests  and my two labs, Puck and MacGregor are my best friends.  Not All Who Wander Are Lost – JRR TOLKEIN

So, there you have it. Alex Shukis is our newest team member, and I'm stoked to have him. Drop Alex a line at to welcome him to the team, he Knows A Guide.

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