What is GuideHire?

By James Hamilton | Wednesday, March 4

A quick look into who we are, and what we do at GuideHire.

We want to tell you, “GuideHire is the online marketplace that connects busy consumers with outdoors guides and instructors.” because people need to find the best local fishing guide, hunting guide, or surf instructor - and they need one place to do it. We want to tell you, “The modern consumer needs a simpler way to book.” We want to tell you, “Guides need help filling out their schedules and optimizing their web presence.” We want to tell you, “We are bringing a proven model to an underserved market.”

Sure, that’s all fine and good, but it takes about five seconds for you to grasp that we are “OpenTable for outdoor recreation.” Makes sense, sounds like a useful product…. And?

The true value of GuideHire is what lies beneath web development, business plans, financial models, and marketing. So, the real question then becomes “Who is GuideHire?” We are a couple of hard-working, entrepreneurial, free-spirited, avid outdoorsmen who want to be the change that this industry needs. We ski, we fish, we surf, we hunt, we love to try new things, and we want to make it easier for you to do the same. We are one full stack developer and one full stack hustler. We are building a business centered on individuals who have devoted their life’s work to their passions.

This business is about the people. From the awesome guides that we work with, to our startup contemporaries and office buddies at “Basecamp” (Postfly Box and Badfish.tv) we are lucky to be surrounded by a culture of intensity and passion for life.












So cheers to everyone who has inspired us thus far, we couldn’t be doing this without you - keep it up, we’ll do the same.

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