GuideHire, Movember, & NatureRx

By James Hamilton | Monday, November 30

Musings on mental health and the therapeutic benefits of getting outside.

Alex & myself rockign our Movember 'staches.

The Movember Foundation is a global non-profit organization that that aims to raise money and awareness for many of the issues facing men's health today. These issues include prostate and testicular cancers as well as inactivity and mental health problems. I wanted to take a quick moment to reflect on the latter two issues, how they relate to GuideHire, and why I think they are so important. For many of us who love the outdoors, maintaining a physically active lifestyle is paramount to our mental health. I'm not saying that I would go crazy if I didn't go fishing, hiking, skiing, etc... rather that exerting myself both physically and mentally in the outdoors is an extremely effective form of meditation. Ultimately, many of the physical and mental health issues faced by men today can be greatly aided by the therapeutic benefits of just getting outside and getting your heart rate up as often as possible - whether that means a walk in the park or or a guided expedition, do yourself a favor and get out there. If you'd like to donate to our Movember efforts the time is now and you can do so right here.  See the video below for a slightly more satirical take on this idea.


Nature Rx: A New Campaign for Nature from Dream Tree Film on Vimeo.


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