East Coast Skiing Is About to Take a Turn for The Epic

By James Hamilton | Tuesday, January 19

Here's a few reasons why...


Although we've had a lack luster start to the 2015/2016 season here on the east coast (especially compared to our friends out west) all is not lost. I write this after taking my first resort turns of the year this past weekend in Vermont, as well as exactly 17 post work laps at Blue Hills under the lights last night. In my humble opinion, skiing is fun, ten times out of ten, it's that simple. For that reason, I'm going to spare you of my over-enthusiastic-super-stoked-just-happy-to-be-out-there :) report and leave you with two videos that should highlight why east coast skiers should still be stoked about this season. Several backcountry routes have filled in, and there's no better time to go take an AIARE avalanche course or go for a tour with one of our knowledgable guides.

Petra Cliffs & Killington Mountain Guides both offer AIARE courses as well as guided backcountry tours throughout the north east. Trust me, driving a couple of hours to earn untouched turns all weekend might just be the best way to escape the city... time to start planning your trip. 

And for our friends in the bay area - be sure to check out these backcountry guides in the Tahoe region: Jim Moore & Splitboard Guides International

The first video, from Ski The East, consists primarily of sidecountry skiing around Stowe from last season... we'll have to wait a few months for things to look like this. The second video comes from this past weekend in the snowfields on Mount Washington. If you've been keeping up with the avalanche reports you know that there was also a slide triggered this past weekend in Tuckerman Ravine (more on that here) - however this group managed to have an awesome time in the same zone without any close calls to speak of. 


Spectral 8 - Cliffs of Stowe from Ski The East on Vimeo.

Turns on the Cone from johnnysmoothcat productions on Vimeo.

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