Throwback Thursday: A Reflection

By James Hamilton | Thursday, January 21

A brief reflection on how far GuideHire has come in the past year.

It's kind of difficult to believe that a year ago Macgill and I were sneaking into MIT Sloan conference rooms (shhh) to work on a project that we had been hyping up to our friends... it was going to be like "OpenTable for outdoor activities" we would tell them. Well, the subsequent year has been quite the roller coaster, but our platform is looking and working great, we're booking trips, and people are starting to catch on, so I can't complain. I came across this teaser video that we put together after Mac finished the first iteration of the search function, we were so stoked and really wanted everyone to see what we had been pouring our days and nights into. Anyways, check out the video, and then take a few minutes to poke around the site and some guide pages, it's really cool to see how far a project can come, and it's always good to pat yourself on the back from time to time. Hope you enjoy our #tbt.  


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