The Top 9 Dogs to Fish With

By Jared Zissu | Tuesday, December 15

How to choose the best fishing companion...


Dogs are undoubtedly the most reliable fishing companions on the planet… They will never say no to an adventure, and will always be proud of you whether you end up catching fish or not. But how do you determine which pooch makes “The Best” fishing companion? 

Here are a few things you will want to consider: 

  1. What breed is the dog? 
  2. Is the dog well trained? 
  3. Is the fishing location suitable for your dog?  

When considering dog breeds, you will want a dog that loves the water… obviously. That miniature Chihuahua that your ex girlfriend kept in the purse might not be the best option. Dogs with webbed feet who have strong swimming genes are a smart choice, especially when you are wading through currents. The last thing you want to worry about is your dog disappearing down stream. Training your dog to be a good fishing partner may take some time, although some are naturals. Having strong command skills will be essential for enjoying the day with your fishing buddy. Chasing your wet pup out of your favorite run is surely not high on the agenda. The last piece of the puzzle is to determine what type of fishing you will be doing and if it’s suitable for your dog. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you will be worrying about the safety of your dog. 


Here is our list of the top fishing dogs:

1. Labs

2. Golden Retrievers

3. Huskies

4. Blue Heelers

5. Irish Setters

6. Newfoundlands

7. Springer Spaniels

8. German Shepherds

9. Mutts!

Photo: Will Blanchard, of Animas Valley Anglers 

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