Interview with Fish New England

By James Hamilton | Thursday, January 28

Jon Grimm of FishNewEngland.Net sits down with James Hamilton of GuideHire

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jon Grimm, of Fish New England about GuideHire and how we aim to help both guides and clients. I've included a brief excerpt, but go ahead and click here for the full peice.

JG: What are the biggest challenges for guides today and how does GH help solve them?
JH: The biggest challenges facing guides today are two-fold. The first challenge is reaching new clients. Word of mouth is a great tool, but the pool of prospective clients is so big that there has to be another inexpensive way to get a larger reach - that's where GuideHire comes in. The second major challenge facing the guiding industry is climate change and disregard for our precious natural resources, at GuideHire our goal is to turn every one of our clients into a true conservationist. People who enjoy our eco-systems first hand are often times the biggest advocates for their protection.
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