Video: Remembering the Legendary J.P. Auclair

By Jared Zissu | Thursday, February 4

The greatest freestyle ski segment in the history of the sport. Here’s to you J.P. Your impact on this sport lives on forever!


In 2014 the Freestyle Ski Industry lost one of the greatest humans ever created. At 37 years young, Auclair was climbing Monte San Lorenzo, a 12,159 foot, pyramid shaped peak in mountains of Patagonia when a devastating avalanche struck the remote peak.

Armada Skis Statement: The loss of our co-founder, J.P., in particular, is overwhelming for us. He had an incredible impact on everything he touched. J.P. pioneered and transcended skiing genres and left an indelible mark on the sport. He was a philanthropist, entrepreneur, director and filmmaker, photographer, designer, climber, skater, mountain biker, guide, X Games competitor, member of the New Canadian Air Force, and one of the few non-Japanese citizens to be certified at Kendama. J.P. was our favorite person to be around; he was hilarious and he was kind. Above all, J.P. was a father, a fiancé, a son, a brother, a godfather, a friend, and genuinely magnificent human.

To the greatest freestyle skier who ever lived, and a magnificent human. Here’s to you J.P. your impact on this sport will live on forever! 


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