By Jared Zissu | Wednesday, February 3

Social Media Alert: Put down your phones. . . And hit the water. . .


This week's Badfish pick comes from some legendary saltwater dudes: Shallow Water ExpeditionsThe average person checks their phone 130 times per day... I think this might be a problem. In this badass little edit from Shallow Water Expeditions, they aknowledge this problem, and show us how we can fix it. I love fishing videos that have a story or motive behind the production. Yeah, I like fish-porn also, but these guys hit the nail right in the head with this video. If you like saltwater vibes, slowmotion redfish takes, and epic drone action, this video is for you.

And thanks for taking up the rest of our day again.... BadfishTV.


So... what is GuideHire?

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