Candide Thovex: One Of Those Days 3

By James Hamilton | Tuesday, February 23

Candide is at it again. Bending the line between skiing and dreaming...

If you are in any way familiar with Candide Thovex, then you have been looking forward to this segment since One Of Those Days 2. which pretty much broke the internet last January. Candide is what skiers of my generation would refer to as an "OG" of freeskiing, if not THE "OG". At 33 years old, Candide has been making a name for himself in the freeskiing world from the park to the backcountry since the late 1990s. He truly is a fascinating athlete, for more info on Candide - like his 1st place at the 2000 X-Games Big Air at Mount Snow - check out his Wikipedia page.

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