By Jared Zissu | Wednesday, February 24

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... This is how you catch Carp in style!

This week's Badfish pick comes from the seasoned legends: Scumliner Media

When I was working at the Orvis HQ this summer, the legendary Shawn Combs called me into his office to show me a new teaser for a video called Tenkarpa. My first thoughts were… “carp on a tenkara"… “that just doesn’t make sense”. As the video began, I had no idea what to expect, Shawn had this big smile on his face as he hit the play button, so I knew it was going to be something epic. Shawn, who spends most his time either fishing, or designing the incredible line of Orvis fishing gear, had just returned from an epic adventure to Beaver Island. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Beaver Island, it’s the largest island on Lake Michigan, which offers miles of pristine ‘site-fishing’ flats. The only difference between these flats, and the ones in the Bahamas, is that you are targeting carp instead of bonefish. Yes carp, those obese algae eating goldfish that seem to have taken over your golf course, neighborhood honey-hole, and swimming pool… Just to clarify, if you have never caught a carp on a fly rod, you are missing out! These fish are not only a technical challenge, but they will make your rod bend and they will make your drag squeel. They are the freshwater bonefish… 

Lets be honest, when a crew of fly fishing legends take a trip to the “Carp Mecca” of the world you can expect more than just a ‘carp fishing’ video. What you can expect is something original, something badass, and something that will hit the fly fishing community square in the face. I’m not sure who actually said, lets catch these beasts on a Tenkara, but whoever did, made a game changing decision that made fly fishing history. This my friends his how you catch carp on a Tenkara rod….


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