RIVER WIDE - An Uncertain Future for Salmon & the Skeena River

By Jared Zissu | Thursday, March 17

Help protect the Skeena River, and save an entire west coast salmon population...

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This week's Badfish pick comes to us from the folks at Arbiter Creative. River Wild is am incredible story that introduces us to the fishing culture and history surrounding the Skeena River. More importantly, this film addresses an urgent issue that is threatening this beautiful ecosystem. As of October, 2nd 2015, the proposal to build a liquid natural gas facility on Lelu Island, located at the base of the Skeena moved forward. If successful, this natural gas plant could wipe out an entire population of west coast salmon. 

“Our new government promised it would protect the environment, respect Indigenous rights and listen to scientists. It promised to put Canadians first -- not profit for foreign corporations. The government has a public comment period open right now, and it if we flood it with comments, we can make sure this disastrous project is never built.” - Arbiter Creative

I have the utmost respect for film makers who concentrate on protecting our environment and sustaining our fish populations. These are the true heroes, who address a problem and give us the tools, as an audience, to help make a difference. 

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