Through The Guides

By Jared Zissu | Thursday, March 24

This video takes us on an incredible journey, through the eyes of a fly fishing guide. . .


This weeks Badfish Pick, is brought to you by the creative minds at The Noble Lab.

‘Through the Guides’ takes us on an adventure through the eyes of a fly fishing guide. The story portrays the lives of three anglers, who have chosen to turn their passions into a living. Hilary Hutcheson takes us down the whitewater rapids of the Flathead river in Montana. For Hilary, juggling her roles as a mom and a fishing guide does not come easy, but watching her kids grow to love the outdoors as much as she does has made the decision worth it. Alvin Dedeaux shows us what the smallmouth bass fishery looks like on the Colorado River. Greg Dini, a retired baseball player, gives us a tour of his office, chasing redfish and tarpon down the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. These are the stories we don’t normally hear… The stories that portray the true feelings and obstacles of a fly fishing guide. 



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