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By James Hamilton | Thursday, April 21

Skip the scented candle. Mom wants to get outside this year.


If you haven't been brainstorming for the perfect Mother's Day gift for the past month already, consider this your wake up call: Mother's Day is around the corner and your mom is an awesome lady. She's done a lot for you over the years, inluding that whole giving birth thing which, apparently, is a total labor of love. 

That scented candle she loves is awesome, and she could definitely use another [insert inane household object and/or popular article of clothing here] but that's all stuff that she can get for herself. One thing that your mom can't just go and buy on AmazonPrime is a whole day with you, her offspring. So this year, go out for a hike, a paddle, a surf session, take your mom fishing, whatever it is - get outside and enjoy our beautiful planet with your Mother, it'll be the best Mother's Day yet. 

Chances are, if you have a penchant for adventure your mom does too, afterall you had to get it from someone. Check out our suggested guides below and get in touch with us about putting together a GuideHire gift card for your mom this year, afterall chances are that you'll enjoy this gift more than that scented candle as well...

GuideHire Mother's Day from GuideHire on Vimeo.

Our Mother's Day "Guide" Guide

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