Jonas Claesson is Your New Favorite Artist

By GuideHire | Monday, April 25

Trust us. Here's 10 Reasons why.

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Jonas Claesson (@jonas_draws) is one of our favorite artists. He manages to capture the vibe of the modern outdoors enthusiast through his work. We love his playful anthropomorphism of animals exploring our planet and having a good time. Here's 10 pieces we think you'll really dig. 

1. Jonas appreciates a good "Grip n' Grin"...  although this bear has no plans of [keeping] 'em wet.

2. He knows how to play on your fears... yikes.

3. He gets the whole wanderlust thing...

4. He's in it for the party animals, like you.

5. He's got a pretty stellar imagination. 

6. He's got a #CabinPorn fetish too. 

7. And he's got a pretty good grasp on nautical north eastern motifs...

8. Not to mention that he knows what you like to do in the winter too.

9. And he knows about your dreams of catching a GT on the fly.

10. And he illustrated an entire coffee table book about surfing animals that you now want on your coffee table, so yeah. Jonas Claesson is a boss. 

Shop and check out more of Jonas' work at his website here

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